Monday, July 6, 2009

Le Groceries

One of my favorite things so far in my short week here has been shopping for groceries in France. Could it be the challenge of figuring out which milk is skim, one percent, two percent(my usual pick) or whole? Do they even deal with such nonsense with their milk? I have no idea. Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with Screeching Weasel's song Supermarket Fantasy:
"I went in to the canned goods aisle
And there she was just standing there smiling
I was hoping she'd look at me
But she was checking out the lima beans
And artichoke, my heart was broken in pieces
By my supermarket fantasy"
Cause where better to meet a girl than at the French grocery store? Seriously.

Anyways, the Monoprix on Rue de St. Antoine in Bastille is my place of choice to peruse the ahem, the canned goods, so to say. Monoprix is pretty much your one stop shopping for everything: clothing, feminine products, "L'age de Glace 3" merchandise, paper towels that could possibly be confused for toilet paper, Nintendo Wii accessories, baby shampoo, and a complete food market on the basement floor with broken hearts just waiting around every corner.
I overhead two American guys debate if this was actually cow milk.
See all these deli meats? You only get like four slices per package.
Actually, the cheese shop on 3rd Ave and 9th st. is way better and cheaper!
The frozen Pizza Aisle.
Jus d'orange et pomme aisle.
Sadly, there is no PBR here.

Cereal! What should I buy next? Chocapic Pepites? Weetabix?

Cave of wines!(I'm assuming that's what it says. Don't correct me if I'm wrong)

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