Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dinner with Jim

I just got back from one of the most amazing times I've had so far in Paris. The attentive readers of Le Blog will note, I was highly anticipating tonight and I was not let down in the least bit. A few months ago I had signed up for a dinner party hosted by Jim Haynes who has been hosting these events for over thirty years. It was billed as a must do for anybody who is in Paris.

I was only one of the estimated 150,000 dinner guests he has hosted from all the years. People from around the world attend his dinners every Sunday night and as I can attest from the people I've met, it is a testament to how well known Jim's dinners have become. From Alberto to Boris to Joomi to Ankit to Maura from good ol' Iowa, every part of the world was well represented in this one evening. New York of course seemed to have the biggest number of representatives including Jim's own son Jesper.

And the food! The food is always cooked each week by a guest cook. Tonight's meal was from my guess either Greek or Turkish, but whatever it was it was one of the best meals I've had here in Paris so far. Maybe it helped that I was starving by the time 8:00pm rolled around, but a good home cooked meal is always appreciated when far away from your own home. The lack of a photo as I habitual have come to take these days is a good indication of hungry I was.

At any rate, for anybody who plans to visit Paris and happen to stay over on a Sunday, go to Jim Haynes website and sign up for one of these dinners. I enjoyed every second of it and you most assuredly will too.
Me with Jim Haynes

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