Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bon Appétit - Day Three

I skipped my Bon Appétit section for yesterday because we went to Montmartre for an afternoon picnic with some wine and groceries we picked up from Monoprix and for dinner we had crepes next to the venue Le Bataclan where Regina Spektor had her show. Nothing too fancy.

But today we started the day off right going to a bakery and like a good Parisian should, I picked up a baguette along with a pain au chocolat. I ordered entirely in French, thank you very much. Almost a proud achievement in my short French speaking career, but it still doesn't beat the first day when I had to exchange paper towels for toilet paper(Bonjour! Je voudrais échanger ceci).

For dinner we went to a Moroccan place called 404 near Centre Georges Pompidou. We ordered a chicken and pear tarjine(basically a meat and fruit stew cooked on a clay plate for which it is named) and a seven vegetable couscous along with a couple of appetizers. The meal was topped off with thé a la menthe(mint tea with honey for those non French speakers).
The appetizers
Vegetable Couscous(Couscous not pictured)
Me eating the Chicken from the tarjine

The plan afterwards was to sit in the plaza of the Pompidou with some wine, but apparently there's a law in Paris that forbids the sale of alcohol past 10:00pm! Luckily dessert was had nearby at Amorino, they're amazing simply because you can practically order as many flavors as you want and they shape the gelato into a delicious rose shaped delight. I had a cone of gelato with chocolate, tiramisu and stracciatella(which is basically chocolate chip ice cream). Unfortunately the summer night causes the gelato petals to instantly drip down the cone causing sticky fingers and messes all over.

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