Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fête Nationale as told in pictures.

Fearing markets would be closed on the fourteenth, we went wine shopping the day before in preparation.Some cured meats and bread we had for lunch at a small cafe.

We headed to the cementary to pay respect to Jim Morrison.

Oh and Oscar Wilde too...I can only hope my grave will be covered with lipstick.
Lena brought me a PBR from Brooklyn!

Place de Bastille had two stages of very non French music playing.
We met up with newlyweds Ben and Rachel!
Red wine stain twins!
On the thirteenth all the Paris firestations hold parties.
This one has carnival games.
Steph concentrating.
We somehow made out with practically all the prizes with some negotiating. Paperweight, ballpoint pen and plate are seen here.
A day at the Musee D'Orsay helped start Bastille Day off right.
We went to a picnic afterwards with marching bands...

and tanks and helicopters!
Picnic with new friends.
I got my shuttlecock in my new friend Brooke's eye.
Glowstick buddies.
Fireworks and the Eiffel Tower make for a good combination.

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  1. wow you guys are all together! thats so cool! jealous.