Monday, August 3, 2009

Over Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault In Paris, 1961)

I'm becoming increasing less and less motivated to update Le Blog. There's just something wrong about writing about Greece(My current location for those playing "Where in the world is Jeff?") in something called Le Blog. I mean I know I can probably just change the header, but then what's the fun in blogging in something that's called "Living Vicariously Through Jeff's European Travel Blog Is Making You Really Jealous of Him Because You're Just At Work Sipping Your Morning Coffee And the Morning Meeting Is About to Start Soon"?

Anyways, to catch up from the last episode; my stay in Dusseldorf Germany has ended after three very short days. It was a great peace of mind finally being around someone who speaks the native language. As someone had described their experience of Germany, I had a similar experience, drinking a lot of German beers and eating a lot of sausages. I think one of my favorite new things is taking tequila shots with cinnamon and orange wedges. I could have done without the constant annoyance of the bees who were collecting the strawberry sauce of my spaghetti ice cream sundae for their honey. On Sunday afternoon I said goodbye to Birte and Hanna and hopped on a three hour flight to Athens to say hello to April and Stephanie.
Dusseldorf, Germany
After a short night stay in Athens, a shot and a half of a Crete liquor called Raki and a quick morning run through of the Acropolis this morning, I am currently hunkered down for a week in the sandy beaches of Chios; just a short hop, skip and skiddadle away from Turkey. I'm mentally worn down from all the Parisian museums, skyscrapers, endless sole wearing and soul bearing walks, foreign complications that all I can think about is just laying quietly in the peaceful sea breeze of the deep blue Aegean Sea...


  1. gasp! I take offense to that alternate title, considering I'm probably the only one reading this that it still applies to.

  2. Haha, I wrote that knowing you would comment seeing as you're my only loyal Le Blog commenter. I also envisioned you going down to the morning meeting after reading that...

  3. I DID!! I was sipping my coffee and my mouth dropped as I saw that you were speaking to me.

    I love your blog! Makes me feel like I'm on vacation... not letting the summer pass with an ancient wheel looming behind me.