Thursday, August 13, 2009


There was a question that was asked before I left for Europe; how do you take a train from Sicily to Naples? I didn't quite understand that question until today seeing as I never realized Sicily was essentially a big island.

Well, the answer to that question is, you put the train onto a ferry. You don't go through a chunnel like the Eurostar from Paris to London. The TRAIN goes onto a friggin' BOAT. It took me like fifteen minutes to even realize that the boat was moving as I was sitting in the train.
Today was pretty much one long train/boat ride. We caught the 7:30am train and arrived in Naples at 5:00pm. Not to mention all the stairs and non operational escalators we had to endure to get to our hotel along with the angry Italians who were accusing us of sitting in their seats(which we probably were). But we made it to Naples and had one of the best meals in Italy so far. Tomorrow we have Pompeii and Capri on our itinerary so it's going to be a full day ahead of us.

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