Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Airplane food

My first flight to Paris included a quick stop over in Dublin courtesy of the fact that I was flying Aer Lingus. A fairly quick five hour flight that started 5:45pm Eastern Standard Time and ended in Dublin at precisely 5:00am in the morning Irish Standard Time. Within that time frame I had managed to watch Ratatouille, The Watchmen(with blurred blue bits all about), and more than half of Benjamin Button which was about at the point where Brad Pitt didn't look like a creepy short old midget. For dinner I had ordered the Chicken with rice and vegetables. Looking now at the photo, it's looks less appetizing than it appears, but I assure you it was delicious and molten hot. I suppose hunger can make anything taste fantastic especially after watching Ratatouille on an empty stomach. The block of tofu in the top middle was actually cheesecake and the apple sauce foil cup was really just water...

And of course after landing in Dublin, I had breakfast at the Irish Pub in the airport. Miriam I hope you're proud...


  1. awesome! are you on funemployment??

  2. yes, funemployment is in full effect since about a month ago. hey, meant to call you a couple weeks ago when i was in l.a. but got bogged down by family stuff. my sister had her fourth baby, so i wanted to spend time with them.

  3. Good way to start the day...